Organizowanie i przeprowadzanie procesów due diligence


Within our offer we organise and run due diligence process – the process of researching companies before their purchase or sale – including:

  • Performing economic and financial analysis of a company, due analysis, liabilities analysis, and study of other relevant factors affecting  company’s condition,
  • Providing company market analysis, study of the order portfolio, evaluation of products novelty, company positioning against competition, projections for future orders,
  • Preparing company operating projections, performing valuation of company’s capital and holding (package) for sale using the proprietary method and verified net assets method, recommendation of the proposed value for negotiations,
  • Carrying out legal and tax research, identifying the risks, estimation of possible tax consequences,
  • Preparation of the offer, indicating negotiation options, indicating the risks to be verified  in the second stage,
  • Assisting vendors in negotiations.