Organizowanie i przeprowadzanie procesów sprzedaży / zakupu spółek

We offer organization and execution of sale / purchase process of capital companies and partnerships, including the following services:

  • Preparation of information memorandum / organisation and execution of due diligence process,
  • Preparation of company operating projections, valuation of company’s cost of capital and the package for sale / purchase by the proprietary method, verified net assets method and/or comparative method,
  • Carrying out legal and tax research, identifying the risks, estimation of possible tax consequences,

  • Organisation of business divestiture process, providing recommendations for the board and the proprietors,
  • Preparation of the offer, indicating negotiation options, indicating the risks to be verified  in the second stage,
  • Preparation of investor meeting presentations,
  • Assisting vendors in negotiations,
  • Legal advice during transaction execution.