Opracowanie programów restrukturyzacji

We develop restructuring programs, including:

  • analysis of organisational scheme and performed functions, scheme simplification, analysis of management system
  • restructuring of employment, introduction of different forms of remuneration, lowering employment costs, proposal of severances and other resolutions for dismissed employees (e.g. formation of an employee-owned company for ordering services),
  • debt restructuring, introducing new forms of financing, restructuring of credits and leasing,
  • analysis and optimisation of technical solutions (in cooperation with experts in a particular field),
  • restructuring of other costs,
  • legal and fiscal aspects of introducing particular restructuring solutions,
  • performing prognosis for company’s operations in subsequent years,  with inclusion of restructuring operations, estimation of the effects of restructuration,
  • participation in the process of implementation of a restructuring program.