Opracowanie strategii rozwoju

Nasza oferta obejmuje opracowanie strategii dla firm w następującym zakresie:

  • Analysis of the strategic potential and  the resources in particular manufacturing areas,
  • Analysis of the strategic potential and  the resources in other areas of business activity (marketing, management system, organisational scheme, competencies, etc.),
  • Analysis of the processes taking place in the company,
  • Analysis of company’s products life cycle and of its technologies,
  • SWOT analysis,
  • Formulating the company’s strategic vision and  mission,
  • Selection of the areas of activity, including the main area; strategic segmentation,
  • Developing strategic objectives for particular manufacturing areas,
  • Developing strategic objectives for marketing, manufacturing and sales services,
  • Developing strategic objectives for business management system,
  • Developing strategic objectives for economic-financial activity (strategy for developing the company’s value and position)
  • Developing restructuring plan (including a controlling functioning program, with costs controlling, a plan for employment growth and reduction; a training program for employees and a plan for adaptation of their competencies to new tasks; a cost reduction program and working capital rationalisation program),
  • Preparing a business functioning projection for the subsequent years,
  • Providing tools for controlling the strategy’s execution and results