Within our financial and project management offer, we provide assistance for enterprises applying for EU grants and/or are executing projects co-financed with financial aid funds. We assist companies on every stage of project execution:

  • in preparation of a project design and selection of the form of financing,

  • in preparation of the required documentation,
  • in preparation of applications for a grant and/or a loan,
  • in project execution and documentation management,
  • in elaboration of reports and project settlement.

In the field of project management, our experts will assist your company in:

  • supervision and execution of your actions within project execution,
  • supervision over successful execution of project schedule,
  • supervision over successful execution of project schedule of works and expenditures,
  • monitoring of project execution, with special attention to its evaluation indicators,
  • project settlement, submitting project implementation reports and payment requests.

We consult and assist enterprises through:

  • advisory on planning of a venture co-financed with available financial aid funds,
  • dselection of an optimal program from the available aid funds, that will match the specified needs,
  • designing project fiche,
  • elaboration of an application and project  “feasibility study” documentation,
  • elaboration of reports on environmental impact assessment,
  • advisory on constructing a budget – identification of eligible and ineligible costs,
  • venture analysis, taking into account possible financial aid funding,,
  • assistance with sourcing partners,
  • preparation of technical and financial reports during and after the project,
  • promotion of the project and its results.