Analizy opłacalności planowanych inwestycji

We perform effectiveness analyses of the planned investment projects, including:

  • marketing analyses necessary for evaluating cost-effectiveness of a project realisation

  • analyses concerning economical and financial issues and a recommendation for the offer with the best parameters in regards to the usefulness and value of the existing infrastructure


  • analysis of possible solutions and providing a proposed optimal solution in the realisation form (within the existing structure, new organised part of an enterprise, a capital association, a company with a strategic partner of an industry, a company with different types of funds and financial companies)

  • analysis of possible sources of financing a project realisation and a recommendation for an optimal solution (own resources, leasing, credit/loan, contributions to a new entity, guarantee protections, investment funds, mixed solutions), performing projections for the functioning of an investment (investment expenditure; revenue – by number and by value; purchase costs of raw materials; employment; depreciation, other costs; working capital, income statement, cash flow; balance) ,

  • wykonywanie projekcji funkcjonowania inwestycji (nakłady inwestycyjne;przychpdy ilościowo i wartościowo;koszty zakupu surowców; zatrudnienie; amortyzacja; pozostałe koszty; kapitał obrotowy; rachunek wyników; przepływy; bilans),

  • simulations of changes in particular parameters, individually and in groups, and testing a project’s sensitivity to these changes,

  • calculation of indicators and parameters (including IRR,NPV) and conclusions about the effect of a project’s realisation and possible threats,

  • testing the influence of an investment on the implementer (effectiveness of own resources, balance consolidation, change of coefficients used in assessment by investors or stock exchange).